Personal Bio

My name is Cameron Knutt and I am the proud owner of “Knutts for Pest and Wildlife Control”. I began my adventure by having a passion for animals, and it showed at a very early age. As a young boy living in the country with the world at my fingertips, I always managed to seek out fish or wildlife. As a child, I showed extreme interest in nature and my parents couldn’t seem to ever call me in for dinner. I grew up on Lake Huron, which for those of you unfamiliar with the great lakes…it’s the second largest of them. With plenty of property on shoreline and cornfields surrounding, there was plenty of pest and wildlife for a young boy to get his hands on. He always seems to find and bring home some of the strangest things, my mother thought, until one day she realized I had a tree fort close by that seemed to be used as a rehabilitation center for animals. Yes the red tailed hawk made it to the raptor society, and it lived a beautiful life…but with this, my mother realized that Cameron really is a nature nut.

My mom sat me down one day long before high school. I believe it was in grade 7, and actually I can remember it being my birthday, and she happened to make me miss my bus. That was okay, she took me fishing instead. As a fourteen year old I thought it seemed pretty cool my mom made me miss the bus and took the wrong turn when driving me to school. Anyways, we sat fishing on my birthday and she said to me: “cam what is it that makes you happy in life? I answered of course with “fishing!” she laughed and said “yea but what do you want to do as a career, as a job”? I looked at her for a while and said “well it’s not a firefighter, it’s not a police officer, or a doctor,…” she told me to not think of all the money and just pretend it’s just all about having fun…at work” I answered her by saying mom “I want to work with animals, I want to fish and work with animals. That day my mother and I realized that working with fish and wildlife was my career choice, it made me happy to have a path. Needless to say I enjoyed high school majoring in science and nature, I also completed a coop with a provincial park which included wildlife counts and prescribed burns.

I went on to complete two years in Fish and Wildlife Management having a diploma from a recognized natural resources law enforcement post secondary school. I graduated one of the top in my class with having completed many extra courses including wildlife capture and immobilization certificate which helped me in second year as I got to take part in relocating 30 elk to become northern Ontario’s only remaining elk herd.

After graduating in northern Ontario I moved my passion for fish and wildlife to the west coast which was all part of my master plan. I lived in Vancouver for 6 years working as a Bird and Wildlife specialist for one of the more successful pest and wildlife control companies in the lower mainland. This was where the majority of my animal experience comes from as I was a service technician for Care pest control and they expanded into a pest and wildlife control company. I was training others to work under my wildlife department within company and I was supervising and collecting commission. Sales and climbing into an attic with a mother raccoon was right up my alley. I was made for this I thought. This was when I got fired for refusing unsafe work dealing with wasp nest and I decided okay that’s it I’ll do something else.    I looked online that day I lost my job and I seen an opening for a Fisheries Technician.

I thought to myself…okay, I love fishing, and I have a diploma in Fish and Wildlife Management, so I applied. Now, I have been working for 11 years with the department of fisheries and oceans and it’s been a dream job. Except, one thing, now the government is a great  job but they’re just not offering full time anymore, their realizing seasonal contract for counting salmon only makes sense as salmon die every year, so they’re not around during January and February. So, I tend to get contracts for 10 months out of the year but no offerings for full time. Now I was okay with that, although ei is involved, I could handle it, but now with “Phoenix” as a pay center having difficulties with paying federal government workers, well now I’m counting salmon seasonally but now their actually not paying me my paycheques. I have two young beautiful girls and a wife that was in a bad car accident 7 months pregnant with our two year old. Needless to say, without my paycheques coming in…we need to make changes.

In conclusion, I feel as though the community would benefit from my pest and wildlife control business as I intend on selling contracts to city of Chilliwack for parks and recreation facilities, also Chilliwack and Abbottsford school districts as keeping the kids safe on the playgrounds is a must. Residents can benefit by preventing property damage and maintaining their house value. Commercial clients will benefit from the many services provided that keep people and pets safe and healthy.

Thank you for your time and consideration, ask for a card if your businesses or residents need help


Cameron Knutt