Property Managers and Business Owners

The commercial market offers a Pest and Wildlife control company plenty of work throughout the year. For example, when an apartment building gets one suite contaminated with mice, chances are that more than one suite is disrupted leading to population expansion rather quickly and essentially infestation and health concerns within 8 weeks. In this case, the property manager would have to pay to have the mice exterminated. The same theory applies for rented condos or leased houses, the wildlife/rodent removal must be paid for by the property manager or the owners of the structure.

Large contracts with property managers will be an important part of Knutts for Pest & Wildlife control. Contracts will be made and sold to property managers which will supply constant steady work with rental buildings, co-op housing and condos. Exterior bait boxes can be installed around garbage bins and property perimeter. Rat and mouse bait stations will be checked and changed either on a weekly or monthly schedule.

Quotes and Inspections

Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control is a service based business. It caters to the demands and/or needs of home-owners, property managers, businesses or anyone with a property or structure, either interior or exterior, at risk of an invasion. Call us today to set up a free quote which includes a perimeter inspection and identifies future pest infestations. Contracts will be engaged and Knutts Pest Control will reconize the client as a preferred customer and savings will effect pricing. Also, preferred clients will be placed as a on-call situation and scheduling will be urgent.

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