Agricultural and Industrial

The third sector which is very important for Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control, is businesses and properties both industrial and agricultural. Just like with property managers, contracts will be sold and maintained for businesses on the industrial side of the market. Farms, Greenhouses, Warehouses, and Schools (City of Chilliwack and Abbotsford) are ideal customers. Also, many other industrial properties/structures may sign a contract so that weekly check-ups will be done and on-call jobs can be completed at a lower cost. These businesses may contact Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control and a technician will be booked for a scheduled visit if a pest or wildlife problem arises. The business will be charged for weekly or bi-weekly, or even monthly monitoring, but at a better rate than if they call Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control with an emergency. Even then, the service call will be cheaper because that business is a preferred contract customer.


Some commercial businesses that may need wildlife and/or rodent control are the Vancouver Airport, Vancouver Port, and City of Vancouver, bookstores, restaurants, arenas or recreation buildings. Some industrial businesses that may need wildlife and/or pest control are lumber yards, dog/cat food processing plants, automobile factories, tobacco plants, food processing plants and mineral plants to name a few. Rat and mouse control is in high demand for these types of businesses.

Bait Box Program

Exterior bait boxes will be installed and maintained. These types of contracts provide low costs for the set up and profit will be made due to high maintenance but low capital. With a community population of 103,048 and only 39,780 houses in Chilliwack. That leaves about 60,000 people that are renting, leasing, or living in shared households. Commercial and Industrial contracts are preferred clients and Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control is extremely interested in writing quotes for the industrial and agricultural industries.

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