Residential Pest Control is one of our main focus areas. We have a passion for keeping people safe and animals where they belong.

Protect your home and maintain its value by letting Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control take care of any pest control situation including wildlife problems.

What’s The Risk Of Unwanted Guests?

There are approximately 40,000 houses in Chilliwack and over 2,000,000 people in the Greater Vancouver area, all of which at some point are at risk of having nuisance wildlife or rodent problems. The best part about this business is that Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control promotes humane removal which does not involve trapping (excluding rodents). Instead it promotes green, environmentally conscious residential pest control alternatives.

Removing Unwanted Guests Humanely

The first step to removing nuisance wildlife in humane ways is to place or install a 1-way door over the entrance point so that the animal is able to come out. At that point the door will close behind the animal, therefore not allowing future access.

The rest of the structure must then have no further access points. This eliminates all capabilities of the nuisance animal gaining access in the future. Once the nuisance animal is removed, Knutts for Pest & Wildlife Control is 100% committed to keeping the customer satisfied by remaining pest free – guaranteed. In saying this, the company will enclose, in most contracts, a warranty so that customers have the peace of mind in knowing the company is willing to return until there is no need for our continuance at/in the structure.

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